May 26, 2009

Red Wing # 29

Players were: Paul Jacobs, Dan Kelhoffer, Keith Rowell, Jack Logan, Alan Wilkinson, Charlie Helms.

Dan Kelhoffer is rehearsing Paul Jacobs, Jack Logan, and I to play at the Putnam Dairy Festival next weekend on June 6th. We'll be playing on stage at 2:30 as the Red Wing Annex. Alan Wilkinson and Charlie Helms got a very nice groove going on some Gordon Lightfoot before the evening was over. I even played a litted mandolin and fiddle which I so rarely get to do. I'm sorry I don't have more photos this week. I just get to playing and forget.

Song List: Cripple Creek , Down the Road, If you could read my mind Fox on the Run, Jackie Tar, Get up John, Joshua Fit the Battle, Marley's Swing, mountain dew, Move it on over, Tin Roof in the Rain, Wabash Cannonball, Whiskey b'fore breakfast .

May 19, 2009

Red Wing # 28

Players were: Sandy Siders, Oren Siders, Paul Jacobs, Dan Kelhoffer, David Amonette, Paul Heath, Keith Rowell.

It was another fine day at RedWing. It was great to see David Amonette again after so long. He's a busy guy. Check out his guitar playing in the video. Paul Heath was back and graced us with an original "Where is that boy of mine?" about his son at war overseas. Dan Kelhoffer is practicing a few of us up to play at the Dairy Festival June 6th so check that out. We'll be called the Dennis Station Boys or something like that. Oren and Sandy were there Looking fit and singing and playing "like fire". Jack Logan, where have you been? We aint seen you lately.

Song List: Walking and Talking, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Can't Help but Wonder, Dark as a Dungeon, Don't that Road Look Rough and Rocky, Down the Road, Fox on the Run, Grandpa was a Carpenter, I'm a Pilgrim, I like the Old Time, I Still Carry You Around, In the Oklahoma Hills, Jordan Have a Hard Road to Travel, Joshua Fit the Battle, Lay Me Down a Pallet On Your Floor, Leaving Dixie, I Am Weary, McKinley's Gone, Nellie Kane, Old Home Place, Pistol Packin Mama, Please Dont Bury Me, Relax Your Mind, Sitting On Top of the World, Wabash Cannonball, Where is That Boy of Mine, Wildwood Flower, Will the Circle be Unbroken.

May 12, 2009

Red Wing # 27

Players were: Oren Siders, Sandy Siders, Paul Heath, Dan Kelhoffer, Marvin Payne, Keith Rowell.

The second show at the new location was lots of fun. Dan Kelhoffer is warming us up for his show at the Dairy Festival on June 6th. Marvin Payne played some very nice guitar and bass and backup singing in spite of his allergies. We had another new singer this week, Paul Heath. Paul Doesn't hold back! He did some powerful singing and playing. Just have a listen to the video above. Oren and Sandy and filled out the show with their usual perfection. Like I said, lots of fun.

Song List: 1949, A lesson for the Learning, Blue Ridge Mountain Home, Columbus Stockade Blues, Deep River Blues, Driving Nails in my Coffin, Georgia Bound, Good Woman's Love, Home is Where the Heart is, I Can't Feel at Home in This World Anymore, I think I'll Stay Around, I Still Carry You Around, If it Hadn't been for love, Nellie Kane, Nine Pound Hammer, Old Home Place, Old Joe Clark, Sitting on Top of the World.

May 7, 2009

New Location May 12th 2009

113 South Jefferson Ave.
Eatonton, GA 31024
Google Map

Red Wing is trying out a new location. Sarting Tuesday May 12th we will meet at the above location on the courthouse square. In This building we hope to be better able to control acoustics, and offer food and drinks. We love the plaza, (especially the stage!) but food isn't allowed in the auditorium. This is our attempt to get all the important parts in one place.

Honors and awards are due to:

  • Shelagh Fagan for assembling the people and resources
  • Better Home Town for paying the utilities
  • Stewart Arron for use of the space
  • Edge Farley for loaning chairs and tables
  • Hallman Wood products and
  • Oren Siders for hay bales to serve as accoustic panels
  • Chuck Haley and
  • The Peoples Bank for the Stage

Honors and awards also to all the people who have helped us reach this point for the last year:

  • Lydia Huggins Ivanditti, director of The Plaza Arts Center
  • Ben Meade of Pronto Pasta n' Slice for their kind sponsorship
  • The board of directors of The Plaza Arts Center
  • The Forward Eatonton Committee
  • All the musicians who have joined us for the past 27 weeks.
Many more names belong on this list. Thank you all.

Location Map

May 5, 2009

Red Wing # 26

Players were: Oren Siders, Sandy Siders, Paul Jacobs, Keith Rowell.

More new songs this week!

We took some time to go look at a new location for the Red Wing event. 113 Jefferson Ave. is on the east side of the courthouse square. Red Wing will be trying out this space for a while so if you don't find us at the Plaza, we're just two blocks away on the courthouse square.

Song List: Gold Rush, Golden Slippers, Hold my Hand, Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho, Land of the Dying, Low and Lonely, Nellie Kane, Old Home Place, Red Clay Halo, Whiskey b'Fore Breakfast, Wildwood Flower, Winter's Come and Gone.