May 26, 2009

Red Wing # 29

Players were: Paul Jacobs, Dan Kelhoffer, Keith Rowell, Jack Logan, Alan Wilkinson, Charlie Helms.

Dan Kelhoffer is rehearsing Paul Jacobs, Jack Logan, and I to play at the Putnam Dairy Festival next weekend on June 6th. We'll be playing on stage at 2:30 as the Red Wing Annex. Alan Wilkinson and Charlie Helms got a very nice groove going on some Gordon Lightfoot before the evening was over. I even played a litted mandolin and fiddle which I so rarely get to do. I'm sorry I don't have more photos this week. I just get to playing and forget.

Song List: Cripple Creek , Down the Road, If you could read my mind Fox on the Run, Jackie Tar, Get up John, Joshua Fit the Battle, Marley's Swing, mountain dew, Move it on over, Tin Roof in the Rain, Wabash Cannonball, Whiskey b'fore breakfast .
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