Oct 31, 2008

Red Wing #6

Players this week, Jack Logan, Oren and Sandy, Raymond James, Keith Rowell, Grady Minter, and a new face, Marvin Payne. Grady played some banjo for us and we were very glad to have him. We don't get to see him all that often. Marvin played some fine guitar and bass, showed us some cool licks on "man of constant sorrow", and played Fleetwood Mac tunes on his bass. I hope we see alot more of you Marvin.

Oct 22, 2008

Red Wing # 5

It was another big week for attendance. Players were, Oren Siders & Sandy, Raymond James, Keith Rowell and Jack Logan. We missed you David and Paul.

Oct 17, 2008

Red Wing #4

We had a big boom in attendance this week. Both players and audience. Players were, Oren Siders & Sandy, Paul Jacobs, Raymond James, David Amonette, Keith Rowell.

I got the recorder to work this week but I failed to get most of the pictures to take. You guys have to remind me to take more pictures.

45 songs and jokes from show #4 follow. Please critique these songs with comments. I'ld start that critique with the fact that the recordings are so poor. I'll work on improving that in the future.

Some have links to Lyrics and videos at the end.

Oct 15, 2008

Who Will Sing For Me
I Still Carry You Around
Boomp3.com ¯²´=
I Still Carry You Around ¯ ² ´ =
Georgia Rose
Rosewood Casket
Cabin on the Hill
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
River Bend
I Am Weary Let Me Rest
Pork and Hominy
Little Mountain Church House
Cairo Waltz
Honky Tonk Angel
Bury Me Beneath the Willow
Will the Circle be Unbroken
Get up John
Whiskey Before Breakfast ¯²´=

Oct 10, 2008

Red Wing #3

Attendance more than doubled this week to 5. Growth is exponential!

Paul Jacobs, Jude Martincic, Donna Brelsford, and I talked about including some country instruments in the upcomming performance of the Reynolds Chorus.

Paul Jacobs

I tried out the recorder but no luck this week. Sorry Paul.

The following is a recording of Micheal Cameron and Keith Rowell from 2007.

Boomp3.com Jacky Tar

Oct 3, 2008

Red Wing #2

The turnout this week was twice as many as last week. Two people came.

Paul Jacobs played mandolin like a fiend! (he's notorious for his "lively" tempos). He also gave David and I some great lessons in how to transpose songs from one key to another. Unfortunately I didn't get his photo this week. I'll get it next week though.

David Amonette played some great guitar and sang some Uncle Dave Mason and Norman Blake tunes, not to mention everything from Jim Croche to the Beetles as well.

David Amonette

The show will probably be changed to tuesday nights within the next two weeks so watch this site for details.

Oct 1, 2008

Premier Show Sept 25th 2008

The Plaza Arts Center Eatonton

In the midst of financial cotastrophie on wall street this week, playing songs from the great depression seemed only natural. Raymond James and Keith Rowell Played and sang random old stuff like "you are my flower", "little georgia rose", and a wonderful original written by James and Dawn Cole, "someone's walking on my grave".

I'll make a point to add photos and sound clips to this site each week in future posts...

Keith Rowell

Redwing Old Time Music Show

Bluegrass and acoustic music of an old time flavor.

Tuesday nights
6:00 until 10:00

The Plaza Arts Center Eatonton

6:00 until 8:00
Free for all Jam

8:00 until 10:00
selected players & invited artists

At 6:00 we begin with a free for all jam. Bring your instruments and pick up a new lick from a fellow musician, or join in a pick up band and practice a new number to do onstage later on. (see the evening’s Host to sign up)

At 8:00 we turn the mike over to the the performers on the sign up list to play as many songs as time allows.

Various invited bands and performers will take the stage on special occasions in this second half of the evening. So sign up for the email list to receive updates.

Thanks and happy picking.

Keith Rowell