May 7, 2009

New Location May 12th 2009

113 South Jefferson Ave.
Eatonton, GA 31024
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Red Wing is trying out a new location. Sarting Tuesday May 12th we will meet at the above location on the courthouse square. In This building we hope to be better able to control acoustics, and offer food and drinks. We love the plaza, (especially the stage!) but food isn't allowed in the auditorium. This is our attempt to get all the important parts in one place.

Honors and awards are due to:

  • Shelagh Fagan for assembling the people and resources
  • Better Home Town for paying the utilities
  • Stewart Arron for use of the space
  • Edge Farley for loaning chairs and tables
  • Hallman Wood products and
  • Oren Siders for hay bales to serve as accoustic panels
  • Chuck Haley and
  • The Peoples Bank for the Stage

Honors and awards also to all the people who have helped us reach this point for the last year:

  • Lydia Huggins Ivanditti, director of The Plaza Arts Center
  • Ben Meade of Pronto Pasta n' Slice for their kind sponsorship
  • The board of directors of The Plaza Arts Center
  • The Forward Eatonton Committee
  • All the musicians who have joined us for the past 27 weeks.
Many more names belong on this list. Thank you all.

Location Map

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