Oct 21, 2012

Switzerland's Bluegrass Connection

Toni Noetzli stopped by to say hello on his way around the US following the roots of Bluegrass and Old Time music. Toni is the president of the Swiss Bluegrass Assn. founded in 1994. I'm always amazed at how popular bluegrass is in other countries. American culture has a following all around the world. I know Japan has a big following, and I've seen bluegrass bands playing in the subway in Paris. Until now, I didn't know Switzerland had a following too!

It was a special treat to have Toni and his wife Ursula for tea and music that afternoon. You can contact Toni at tnoetzli@bluemail.ch    

excerpt from Bluegrass Industy News:

The 17th Annual General Meeting of the Swiss Bluegrass Music Association Dec. 1, 2011 marked a changing of the guard in the officer corps with Toni Noetzli taking over from Kent Miller (chairman since September 2006) as president. Toni joined the board in December 2009 as chief editor of the association's quarterly newsletter, a job he will continue to do.  His “day job” is in the field of sports journalism. Known as a "walking dictionary for the 'Tour de Suisse,'" Toni can usually be found on the tracks of a famous skier (most recently Dario Cologna) or biker, depending on the season. Bluegrass has become his passion when he joined a monthly slow jam some years ago.
Thanks to broadcaster, country music historian, and festival organizer Walter Fuchs of Bühl/Baden, Germany, for the following links to performance videos from the bluegrass and old-time-music gathering at the Klosterhof Kusterdingen Cultural Center Jan. 5, 2012 http://www.klosterhof-kusterdingen.de/ - Translated to English