May 23, 2012

Jim Hughes's Celtic Fiddle

Jim Hughes dropped by this week with two new hand crafted instruments: a Celtic Fiddle, and a Gourd Banjo. I'd call it a Gypsy fiddle, but in the "Green Isles" they're called "Tinkers". I happened on a Tinker's wagon in Scotland in the countryside once. All brightly painted with a huge arching roof. This fiddle would fit right in!

I can hear his buddies now saying "you don't have to worry about any body stealing it!"  : ) It's sure painted loud! But the coolest part is the 6 strings and 10 tuners. (6 at the top, 4 fine tuners at the bottom). It definitely has a droning bagpipe sound. Just very cool!

Jim also brought along another gourd creation. This one a banjo. I think the banjo head is a great amplifier and a fine idea for the gourd "ensemble". Stay tuned for the "gourd orchestra".

May 4, 2012

Bluegrass Instruments for Sale

The estate of Orren Siders would like for these fine musical instruments to be played and enjoyed as they were meant to be. He would have wanted them to gather memories, not dust. 

I've played them all. They are all very fine, very well cared for instruments. Details and particulars about each one are listed at the links below. 

You may contact me by email , or phone, or at the comment boxes at the bottom of the posts.

Make an offer.
Keith Rowell

  1. Blue Ridge Guitar   15 or so years old?
  2. Engelhardt Bass      ???
  3. Bass Caddy