Jan 10, 2011

Redwing Moves to Wednesday Nights

We're sticking to the same location at PJ's, but we have moved the jam to Wednesday nights. Make a note of it and come on down and join us. I know this causes conflicts for some so we may change the night again, stay tuned for updates...

The video shows a few of our newcomers, Beth and Rowdy Hood, and (the perennial) Mike Cameron. We've had a fun season playing at PJ's with all the usual suspects; Oren and Sandy Siders, Paul Jacobs, Paul Heath, Dan Kelhoffer, me Keith Rowell. Ronnie Hood's grandkids, Roudy and Beth, are progressing so quickly, it's embarrasing to us old folks. There've been many more that I'm sure I've failed to mention.

These videos (and many more) were taken by Pam Hood. Thank you very much Pam for sharing.