May 23, 2012

Jim Hughes's Celtic Fiddle

Jim Hughes dropped by this week with two new hand crafted instruments: a Celtic Fiddle, and a Gourd Banjo. I'd call it a Gypsy fiddle, but in the "Green Isles" they're called "Tinkers". I happened on a Tinker's wagon in Scotland in the countryside once. All brightly painted with a huge arching roof. This fiddle would fit right in!

I can hear his buddies now saying "you don't have to worry about any body stealing it!"  : ) It's sure painted loud! But the coolest part is the 6 strings and 10 tuners. (6 at the top, 4 fine tuners at the bottom). It definitely has a droning bagpipe sound. Just very cool!

Jim also brought along another gourd creation. This one a banjo. I think the banjo head is a great amplifier and a fine idea for the gourd "ensemble". Stay tuned for the "gourd orchestra".

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