Apr 18, 2009

In Memory of Raymond James

Raymond James died Saturday April 18th, 2009. He'd been ploughing with his tractor to plant a garden and was about to visit his hunting property when Dawn urged him to stay put because he looked like he was dizzy. Before she could get off the phone to call the medics, he was laying on the ground. They revived him again in the ambulance on the way to the hospital but he wouldn't stay.

We loved him. He is a fixture throughout these pages. He provided guidance and inspiration to scores of music lovers. I sincerely wish I had his ability as a performer to satisfy audiences and make everyone in the room feel welcome and lighthearted.

Georgia has lost a jewel in this native son. He kept up a southern tradition of playing and singing rural folk styles that is an American Tradition and a Cultural Treasure. His love and knowledge of 1930's and 40's country music was first hand and vast. But it was his unique personal style that made him the precious gem that he was. He's left a tremendous wake in his passing.
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