Feb 16, 2012

Jim Hughes Plays a fiddle modified by Keith and Oren

Jim Hughes stopped by to show me some of his "Gourd Instruments" and commented on the sound of my Chinese fiddle. Oren Siders and I (Keith Rowell) have been working on perfecting the "Tap Tuning" and "Chladni patterns" techniques of fine tuning the wooden parts of violins and mandolins for a couple of years now. Jim gives us a thumbs up!

To answer Jim's question "what did you do to it" click here.

Below is a photo of Jim's gourd instruments. They're very cool. He's been busy since I've seen his first one a year ago. It's always nice to see you Jim!

Jim's email: jimphughes@gmail.com
and phone: 770-883-7653

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