Dec 3, 2008

Red Wing # 11

Players this week were Raymond James, Oren and Sandy Siders, Paul Jacobs, Keith Rowell and Dan Kelhoffer. It was a very fun night, everybody's voices seemed in top shape and we got some nice harmonies on a few oldies. It was very nice to see Dan Kelhoffer again and he graced us with a cool rag about "Gracie Speed" among others.

Raymond played the first song he ever wrote back when he was 11. That was cool, none of us had ever heard that one before. Of course we did the usual race around the track on "Whiskey b'fore breakfast".

Recording efforts disappointed again this week. But thanks to Oren's microphone cords we had sound through the house system so that was cool and a lot easier than lugging around an amp.

Once young musicians
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